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Sound Healing; Why it works, the logic, and the benefits. Plus my personal take

A quick look at the science behind Sound Healing, it's effects and why is works, the benefits and my personal take.

I came across Sound Healing maybe 5 years ago. Like most things, I was intrigued but had questions (I am a sceptic with most things at first, which may surprise you!)

I eventually went to an evening of Crystal Sounds Bowls, at Jackie White's weekly group in Southampton Inspirations Positive Living and had a wonderful group experience with what is called a sound bath. I really loved it and felt like I was on cloud nine when I left.

I saw a wonderful individual called Scott Grant of Interdimensional Healing. If you ever get a chance to work with him, I would recommend it. He is a down to earth, genuine and a beautiful soul.

I took one of Scott's CD's away and started to use it alongside my work and found that the extra energy I had through when working with Reiki was outstanding. It was at this point I really began standing in my own power with my healing and totally doing what I felt was right. So I looked into sound healing further. And the synchronicity of the Universe, drawing me to Sound, also meant that people around me were studying Sound healing.
I knew in basic that in layering up any healing, you achieve multi-dimensional healing. If you use more than one type of healing, it isn't like having two healing, but having three healing sessions in one go. And the results are astounding

It turns out that they (whoever they are!) have realised over the last few years that our nerves do not infact work via electrical pulses, as once thought. They infact work on sound pulses. And as you will know if you have read my blog about the logic behind healing then you will know that, as we are made of water on a cellular level, and as we are made of energy on a subatomic level, we conduct energy really, really well. If our energy is out of whack, which is normally from an emotional space, then physical disease may well come from that, if we don't work through releasing the emotions in one way or another.

So if our nerves conducts sound, and our cells and atoms can pick up on the energetic waves from sound (we all know that water conducts sound; speak to those clever dolphins when you next get a chance), having a healing session with Sound, is a super-amazing idea.

And the way that sound is understood by our brain, means that as soon as it enters even the ear drum, the nerves take it around the body. It is not only natural, but very effective and very quick.

As with all energetic healing, as your energy frequency is realigned to where it should be, your natural healing mechanisms are propelled to work at a rate which is unheard of. It works really well for energetic lags, emotional issues and pain, all of which are purely energetic and nerve impulses. It will work on the physical, but with anything, a physical ailment is a situation where we have failed to listen to the clues that our body is giving us that we are ill. So it takes time to become physically ill, in the same way it will take time to make yourself better on a physical basis, but over time it will work. Tumours have been shown to shrink under certain sound frequencies.

When you look at the history of it, they are discovering more and more sacred sites across the globe, which have deep underground caverns where the sound is found to resonate at certain levels. And if you think about the acoustics in even a theatre being important to our listening experience, imagine what could happen if we took it into account for a healing experience. And the Ancients knew exactly how to do this.

The two main civilisations I will quote here are Egypt and Greece; as this is where I have been drawn personally. But you will find sites all over the globe. And it is my firm belief that in this country the tunnels which monks once used between sites, infact led to more rooms and tunnels which have been lost. I went on a tour of the tunnels and caverns underneath Southampton once. Fascinating! There was something like 75 that they could access, maybe 125 that which they could no longer access but knew was there, and they believe hundreds which they no longer have access to. We viewed maybe a dozen of the more interesting ones. (the orbs flying around were immense; obviously not the reason most people were there lol). We have been digging underground worlds for millennia! I keep waiting for the day when they find the tomb of Arthur under St Catherine's Hill in Winchester or a healing catacomb under Glastonbury Tor. In fact, they already know that the resonances in the Long Barrows (one in Avebury comes to mind, West Kennet), the sacred tombs of the Ancient Britains, resonate at certain frequencies associated with healing. this awesome in this country!

Certain rooms within the Pyramids are said to reverberate at certain frequencies and carry the sound for a long time. Within these rooms are 'beds' made of crystal, and pools. It is my firm belief that, particularly the higher echelons of Egyptian society, were able to go to these rooms to be healed, using sound, crystals and water therapies.

I feel this was also true in the Ancient Greek temples. The written evidence shows they worked with something called the Seven Vowels. Which the Ancient Egyptians also worked with. From the Alpha to the Omega; in the Greek alphabet. And let's think about Pythagoras a moment; sacred geometry and a musician! Wowser!

When I came to study sound therapy, my course needed case studies and a thesis on how I would personally use sound. As so many people around me had studied with Sound Forks, I felt I was sure to go the same way. However, I got stuck for writing my final piece, and was struggling to hand it in.

After a break of a few months, I decided to pick it up again. I had come across Tubular Bells and looking at how I worked, I realised that a set of these bells was going to work better for me, than a set of forks. So I read through some of my course material, looking to refresh my memory about the Seven Vowels. I couldn't find them anywhere. There was information about healing frequencies and healing in Ancient times, but nothing about the Seven Vowels. That's odd? I can't have picked that up from no where? I knew there were not seven vowels in the alphabet, so I must have picked this number up from somewhere.

So, convinced it existed, I did what any self respecting adult does and turned to Google. There was the information I was looking for, and complete confirmation that I had been 'given' this information at some point (don't ask me when; likely a dream in this case). And this was infact the way I needed to work.

And what is amazing with the vowels, is that they work with your Voice! The most ancient sound healing tool of all time. Alongside the Tubular Bells, which hung from a rack, I could certainly have my hands free with my voice in order to heal.

As I started to use these I had channelled that the vowels work the each individual tone of each person, and our own personal tone is a perfect pitch for us. Such an easy way to heal!!! It cut my self heal time down in half! I knew I had to teach this out. And so I do so, via the afternoon or evening workshops I do either annually or bi-annually.

I also offer the Tubular Bells as a sound bath, with Reiki healing and crystals, for an all encompassing, purely energetic healing experience. Please have a look at my site for more information.

I use the Solfeggio Frequencies with these. They were channelled, from St John the Baptist to a group of monks to be used for healing, through a song. Those of you who know my Catholic background, and my strong love of St John the Baptist among others (there is a previous life link there!), it is hardly a surprise that these resonated with it so strongly.

Da Vinci's Madonna of the Rocks with an infant John pointing at his cousin Jesus.
You can find lots of lovely YouTube videos of these and each frequency is said to be for a different area of healing. I would recommend that you don't listen to modern monastic chants of these unfortunately, unless they specifically state they are using the frequencies from the original channelling. The Catholic Church changed the frequencies at some point. Don't ask me why, but feel free to insert your own conspiracy theory here!

174 Hz – reduce pain
285 Hz –influence energy fields
396 Hz - turning grief into joy, liberating guilt & fear
417 Hz - undoing situations and facilitating change
528 Hz - transformation and miracles (DNA repair)
639 Hz - re-connecting and balancing, relationships
741 Hz - solving problems, expressions/solutions
852 Hz - awakening intuition, returning to spiritual order
963 Hz -This tone awakens any system to its original, perfect state.

Within my workshop I go into greater detail about how these can be used in a practical way and how they influence music full stop; they form the basis of the musical scale. There are six original frequencies and an additional three which have been extracted at a later date. All are wonderful in my opinion.

I also have a blog on my page about the deeper meaning of sound healing in the modern age, and why it is vital going forward, so please have a look and sign up to my blog if you would like to know more.

Till then, Love as always

Rachael x

Mon, 19 August 19 : 12:08 : Rachael Setford-Berry

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