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BATH - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening

BATH - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
An evening not to be missed. Retreat, Recharge and Rediscover yourself this Summer and join us on a Luxurious evening for your wellness and well-being. Time for you to rest, relax and to chill from the outside world because you are worth it. Who are Sound Healing Lotus UK:- Stuart and Debbie offer deep meditation during their evenings and use many aspects of Vibrational instruments such as gongs, pure Crystal bowls, Himalayan Bowls and so much more, this can enhance your well-being overall. About Sound Healing Meditation/healing Benefits Sound Healing Meditation is a haven for personal healing, growth, and discovery. It is a holistic approach to wellness and a natural approach to better health, therefore the mind chatter gives up. THE BENEFITS OF SOUND HEALING • Deeper rest and relaxation • Chakra balancing • Pain is often released • Improved overall alignment • Detoxification • Help with depression/anxiety and stress • Help with a physical ailments • Increase in physical energy levels • Relief from stress and anxiety • Release of energy from the past that is affecting you now • Help focusing the mind and lessening mind chatter • Assistance during a time of insomnia AND SO MUCH MORE.. How it works Sound healing Lotus UK, use different aspects of Vibrational sound waves to improve your emotional, Health & physical well-being. It can reduce stress, anxiety, and create a meditative relaxing state, so that you feel better to function in your life. Come and try a session and see how rested, relaxed and renewed you will feel. For your Investment the session £17.50 (Early Bird) - £20.00 + Fees payable (please note, 2 people will be working in the evening of this event). FOR YOUR COMFORT - PLEASE BRING:- Yoga Mat/Duvet including Blanket and Pillow Bottle of Water For those less abled, chairs are provided but please bring a blanket and pillow with you, as your body temperature can change during a session.
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