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Shamanic Journeying into the Akashic Records

Shamanic Journeying into the Akashic Records with Vicky Sweetlove ONLINE workshop via Zoom with the College of Psychic Studies. The Akashic Records form an ever-expanding library of knowledge. They document every aspect of your individual soul. Each thought, word, emotion, action and pathway you have ever taken, in this and every lifetime, is recorded within these sacred records. This workshop invites you to experience how the Akashic Records can assist you in crystallising your soul's desires and setting the course for their manifestation. At the start of this online workshop, you will be invited to share your intention – to bring in what your soul truly desires from your heart. By sharing your intention – speaking out loud to be heard by others – and asking the universe for your mission to be complete, you can create your own magic. Vicky will then use a drum and rattle as she guides you on a shamanic journey into the Akashic Records. You will meet your Akashic guide who will offer messages and symbols that can direct you forward with your intentions. This guidance will support you in creating your very own Akashic vision board, inspired by the words and images received from your Akashic guide. By the end of the workshop, you will be clear about your goals and mission. You will be empowered by universal guidance from your Akashic Records. This will be recorded on your vision board to help you crystallise your goals. Please have ready for the workshop: Any pictures and words you feel drawn to from any printed materials A4 coloured paper or card Glue stick Scissors (in case you need to cut out extra pictures or words). For more information contact Vicky: email: [email protected] Book here online at the College of Psychic Studies, London
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Vicky Sweetlove
Vicky Sweetlove - Vicky Sweetlove’s interest in Feng Shui started many years ago when she started making changes in her own home after having ill health with endemetriosis and ovarian cysts, being in and out of hospital three times in six months she learnt about Feng Shui, Dowsing and Crystal Healing, after working on her own home and herself, having fantastic results, she would like to help other people change their lives for the better. She has vastly changed her life with Feng Shui and Dowsing for Geopathic Stress and working with crystals, orgonite and earth acupuncture to bring positive effects to the environment

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