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Introduction to Transmission Meditation - Glasgow workshops 2022

Do you want to help the world and also build a stronger connection with your own spiritual nature? Transmission Meditation is a simple yet very effective and powerful form of group meditation in which spiritual energies are stepped down and circulated worldwide for the benefit of all. Transmission Meditation - A potent form of service to humanity - A dynamic aid to personal spiritual development - Group service activity in cooperation with the Masters of Wisdom - No prior meditation experience required It is a combination of two yogas: Karma Yoga (yoga of service) and Laya Yoga (yoga of energies or chakras). It is highly scientific, safe, non-denominational and extremely potent. It will not interfere with, but will actually enhance any other spiritual practice and/or service activity in which you may be engaged. As a result of Transmission Meditation, many people find they can experience and demonstrate love more easily. Others report that their mind is more stimulated and creative. Some people receive healing, spontaneously, during the transmissions. Introduced into the world in 1974 by artist and author Benjamin Creme, there are now hundreds of Transmission Meditation groups active in many countries around the world. Each workshop reveals the aims, technique, and results of Transmission Meditation and participants will take part in a group meditation session. The event is freely organised by volunteers with Transmission Meditation. Admission Free. *** PLEASE VIEW POSTER FOR MORE DATES : )
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VISIT WEBSITE 07405179731 (Transmission Meditation Scotland)
Share International Scotland
Share International Scotland - Share International is a global network of voluntary co-workers and promotes the sharing of the resources of our planet more equally as the key to our future. Transmission Meditation is a form of roup meditation in service to the world, a great tool given to humanity along this process of great transformation on planet Earth!

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