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The Cunning Folk

This evening Edwin will speak in depth about the nature of the Cunning Folk - their practices and ways and explain why their practice is more relevant now than ever before. He will also teach those present some simple “cunning arts” that can be used for health, wealth and happiness. The Cunning Folk were practitioners of folk medicine, folk magic, and divination within the various traditions of folklore in Christian Europe from at least the 15th Century up until the early 20th century. The term cunning folk was used for both cunning men and cunning women and most widely in Southern England and the Midlands, as well as in Wales. Such people were also frequently known across England as wizards, wise men or wise women, or in Southern England and Wales as conjurers. From our current perspective, because of the cunning folks use of Hedge Riding: journeying astrally into the Faery world, we might also consider the cunning folk as the country shaman. Certain Christian theologians and Church authorities believed that the cunning folk, being practitioners of magic, were in league with the Devil and therefore heretics. Partly because of this, laws were enacted across England, Scotland and Wales that often condemned cunning folk and their magical practices, but there was no widespread persecution of them because the Cunning Folk were seen as both useful and because they incorporated prayer and the invocation of saints and angels into their practice. Edwin Courtenay - a clairvoyant, healer and spell singer identifies himself as a cunning man - he has always been distinctly Pagan and works with angels and ascended masters. He also works as a Hedge Rider, entering a state of trance to journey into the other world to heal people and places and bring about manifestation in the real world. As well as this, Edwin is also a Valkadour - a Norse word which means spell singer, using the power of the voice in song, mantras, chants and affirmations - to channel magical energy to call spirits, heal, manifest, protect and cleanse.
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