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Inner & Outer Forgiveness; Galilean Healing Day

- Are you held back by feelings sadness or anger? - Is there an undercurrent which you can't quite get to the bottom of? - Are there situations from your past you need to heal & forgive? - Do you suffer with guilt, shame or regret holding you back in your life? - Is your inability to let go of the past strangling your ability to move forward? - Are you struggling to make headway, even with other therapies? This day of healing will allow you to feel unburden, free & lighter. Free to move forward on your life path. You will go back to the root of these issues & help you heal them, by sowing seeds of change which will grow with your over the coming weeks & months. You will notice the difference in your behaviour & mindsets straight away & these changes will grow, to ensure long term healing. A day of group Galilean Healing. Galilean healing balances the logic of hypnotherapy techniques alongside energetic work; perfect for the emotions, of Reiki, & Crystal therapies. Giving you the perfect balance of Emotion & Logic, Spirit & Science. Getting to the root of your issues rather than continuing to manage the symptoms, we will work with celestial energies of Jesus, Mary Magdalene & Ghandi. Who I have worked with for many years now. Forgiving & Forgetting: - The Villains in our Life - Society & Labels. - Self Love & Compassion You will go home with some sheets to solidify in your learning including affirmations & mantras. I would love to work with you; to find out more about me please look at my site: Numbers are limited to ensure that you receive the one to one attention that is needed. The cost of the day is £55, with a deposit if £20 non refundable or transferable deposit required. Please pay your deposit to secure your place. Address to be confirmed closer to the time but will either be in the Winchester or Eastleigh areas. Please bring lunch, but refreshments will be included.
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VISIT WEBSITE 07814272797
Rachael Setford-Berry
Rachael Setford-Berry - I am a teacher, healer and modern mystic. I have a passion for healing and teaching, and work with Reiki healing, Hypnotherapy, Sound therapy, Crystal healing therapy, mindfulness and meditation techniques.

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