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An Evening With Stephen Holbrook

Clairaudient Stephen Holbrook is booked for his annual show with Inspiral again in the Spring. Stephen describes himself as a telephone exchange between this world and the next and says his uncanny ability continues to prove that our loved ones don’t die, they simply move on to another dimension. While many mediums see the spirits they connect with, Steve hears them, describing himself as a clairaudient rather than clairvoyant. Steve has a down-to-earth, sympathetic approach towards his mediumship, and promises an emotional rollercoaster ride for his audiences, always full of laughter and tears. Don’t miss this emotional, compelling and moving evening at Belmont Hall in Grays on the 9th of April ! Book NOW by using the following website link - and whilst you’re there, why not have a cheeky look round at our other events ? Price : just £12 reduced from £15



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