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Working with Angels

The angelic realm is around us each and every day, we just need to understand how to communicate with them and understand them. This one-day workshop will introduce you to the angelic realms and connect you with your Guardian Angel as well as show you how to work with Angels on a daily basis. No experience is necessary as you will learn what you need on the day. You will be given hand-outs where applicable but this is a very practical based workshop so expect to be working for most of the day. You can find some of the course content below. If you have any queries about the workshop please call me before booking. Course Content • What Are Angels? • Auras and Chakras for Working with the Angelic Realm • Grounding & Protecting • Connecting to Angels • Welcoming the Angelic Realms • Meeting Your Guardian Angel • Angel Symbols • Angel Wings • Angel Hierarchy • Understanding which Angel for which need • Calling on Your Angels • Angels and Synchronicity • Angels and Intuition • Meeting the Archangels • Your Angelic Journey: Where Next
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