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Living Aligned; Walking with Light

Living Aligned means many things; to live in a state of peace, empowerment, balance and compassion. Avalon Park & Preserve 200 Harbor Road, Stony Brook, NY, 11790, United States It also supports the thought when we are accountable for the self, we the individual have the internal power to access our energy with awareness to create a change, and to intend the highest good in our lives and in world.  At all points in time you, and I can shift our consciousness based on Love, as it is what supports all things on the earth. When recall this unconditional state we align with all that is good, so we may inspire and heal, and all fear will dissipate. Join us for our second annual walk upward to shift our energies.  We will walk up one step at a time to reach the sacred center of the labyrinth. This years intention in honor of Summer Solstice, we will attempt to access and empower with the foundation of light. As Light will always conquer the darkness of what is unknown to us.  We will experience a short mediation and a silent walk Please join me at the Avalon Park and Preserve July 15, 2017, 9:30AM. I look forward to seeing you then. Partial proceeds will go to the support local charities Limited space, you must register for this event. When registered you will receive our meeting location. The preserve is an amazing place to visit, the 8 acres, pathways, wild flower field and a Labyrinth. You are more than welcome to remain in the park after the Living Aligned Walk, however please respect the space in its natural state.  Children are allow to attend, however must be with care giver at all times



VISIT WEBSITE 631 2776190 (Kathrine Mitchell)
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