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Zenwise - Buddhist Workshops - Essex UK and Ireland

Ireland, Online and Essex, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 2PW, UK



Zenwise offers Buddhist courses online, workshops at the Leigh Buddhist centre in Leigh-on-Sea and in Ireland.

Sat Dharma Vidya.
Ten Wings I Ching.
Awakened Healer (Medicine Buddha).
Radiance Converge.
Water Moon.
Akasha Yoga.
Vibrational Qigong.
Eco Reality Feng Shui Masterclass.

Awakened Healer:
There is a Medicine Buddha in you. You are the healer extraordinaire. Awaken yourself to dissuade diseases and disasters, and achieve general well-being.

Eco Reality Feng Shui
You can jump start a very rewarding career as a professional feng shui consultant in this comprehensive authentic feng shui study.

Vibrational Qigong Yoga
​Love the magic of Tai Chi Zen learn this vibrational qigong, moving meditation, and mudra yoga from sacred Mount Wutai - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Zenwise - Buddhist Workshops - Essex UK and Ireland

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  • 22nd Feb 2020
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Zenwise - Author, Nature Shows You How To Feng Shui Your Health & Seer of Sound Heart Dharani. Feng Shui Master Teacher. Descendant of the legendary Sage-King Xia Yu, Controller of the Water. Trained since childhood in classical Chinese metaphysics and has been teaching and consulting internationally since 1999.
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