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The Hermetic Satirata Foundation

Ter Haarkade 7, 2321 AS Leiden, Nederland



Hi dear hearts of light, welcome home dear hearts of consiousness and light to, within the wholy date; Sunday the 26th of april 2020 The Hermetic Satirata Foundation. May you find and experience what you came for, may this page be protected by, graced by, blessed by, guided by, guarded by, and in service of source, the universe, Goddess, God and the highest forces of light🌹🌹🌹

On this page i will share ankh visualisations and channeled materials.

WITHIN the SOURCE of THREE, set us UNIFIED free🌹🌹🌹WITHIN the UNITY of the WHOLY LIGHT of SEVEN, let us GROW into an ELEVEN

~Let SOURCE and LOVE , be YOUR guiding DOVE~


Titled within the wholy date; Sunday the 26th of April 2020 I AM lightworker Satirata.

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The Hermetic Satirata Foundation

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  • 26th Jul 2020
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Satirata - Hi dear life, Oef where to start! Well i have many ups and downs just as you. My given names by my parents are Swen Rolf Hans Kucksdorf and i am born on 17-07-1975 in the city Neuss, Germany at 13:21 hours.  My parents desided in my youth to live somewhere else and went travelling with me to settle somewhere. Eventualy i ended up here in Holland through my father who was a sailor in the innlands of europe. That was in my early youth. My mom took her own life during june 4th 1981 and left me and my baby sister with our father. My father and us eventualy came to Holland and stayed here until now. Sadly my father departed in 1995 december the 29th after a long battle with aids, rest his soul. Back to my history, my youth was hard and tough with almost no real contact with my father, he was a very difficult father and truly hard, but that is the past, no need to go further in who my father was. I have peace with my youth, dispite everything. Ok where was i, o yes, okay, during the age 6 til 9 i was inside houses specialy for kids for sailors because they can't travel always with their parents. During a dinner in a restaurant my father and my surrogate mother asked me where i want to live because i needed special care due to my mental conditions so i chose Curium, a psychiatric insitution in Oegstgeest and lived there from 9 to 17 years old, started with smoking at the age of 12 and not long afterwards i began also to smoke marihuana also known as pot. Afterwards i came for a year to stay with The Mare a institute for guidence to live on your own. In 1993 i came in touch with the binnenvest and stayed there for a couple of years until 1998 and went to live on my own loose of any help or guidance from a institute. During 3 February 1996 i was called to serve my country and on 17 Juli 1996 i went home, i was back then drafted and i became a honoury guard sharpshooter secondclass, and my colleges and i where the last one to be drafted by the army after us everything became a professional army.  At the middle of 1998 I studied on a sailor school and at the beginning of 1999 I learned to load, empty, stear, anchor, run the engine chamber, did the cleaning, the cooking, i where also on standby for the extra hand during the nights and stop a ship, there where only steelkabels on board and many times I slowed down and stopped the ship with the steel ropes two times circled around a bolder.  During the end of 1999 I tested myself how long I could stay awake and stood 784 hours 43 minutes and 23 secondes awake because I participated before with the Skala television world contest of staying as long awake as one can before a television with real game rules and became third of the world with staying 63 hours awake and stood very rested and just slept afterwards just about 8 or 9 hours and where completely recharged and during 1999 i wanted to know how long i can stay awake and what i have inside of me, that looking and digging stood up through the rare and unusual life i have had. During February 2000 i became homeless, without a job or money. Drifted a while in my city and at the end of 2000 i came in touch with the ggz a health organization for the mentaly ill, i was back then totally gone and truly ill. During 2001 i came to stay within the social pension from the binnenvest, back to them and had a enormous hard and difficult period where i couldn't find myself and was constantly psychotic and full of stress. Since that period i am also under treatment of the GGZ and swollol anti psychotics, i am marked a paranoidic schizofren because i let myself be taken over and possesed by gohsts and enteties, but for myself it feels more spiritisme because i can also see and feel energies and enteties and because i didn't knew how to talk about my experiences and much mental destability my words came always blury and psychotic out of my mouth. Around 2005 i came in contact with a spiritual organisation on the web called and followed many teachings and chakra activations through channeled materials by people who share that there. I was also participating with the Global Circles Meditation short GCM and on a moment during one of the gatherings inside the GCM. We all shared back then eachothers experiences through posts in the group. During that period i stumbled on the ankh and invented some ankh visualisations with my departed mother and felt something special in it and now i have found what it was, healing magic. Thankfully during 2006 October/ November i came to live on my own where i still live, i am very thankful and greatful for my own home.  During 2007 juli the 1st i received my first reiki initiation from Sunny Nederloff followed by kundalini reiki1 from Daniël Kraak and the second and third initiation from Eddy Rosier. During 2011 August 26th i received my reiki 2 initiation from Ab Mizee. And at the end of the year 2016, i received dolphin reiki attunement and fairy realms reiki 1 and 2 from Jolande Post. Out of all that handeling energies, working with crystals, crystal skulls, the ankh and more, my facebookpage: The Hermetic Kyan Kem Circle of Ankh Spirituality, my Facebook group: The Hermetic Kyan Kem Circle of Ankh. I did get from someone who gave me channeled message from Archangel Michael, that i where alive during Atlantis and that i did study at the Healingtemple of Light, after a long time being lost through the ages i am beginning to remember. I hope you will appreciate the help and guidence i give to get through all of this.  I have to say to work so much with energies, enteties, the ankh, crystals, crystal skulls and everything else in my life was very tiresome and exhausting but i made it through, whoohoo ,yeah me!!! Okay that is it globaly dear hearts, thank you for being and listening to my story dear children.  Let SOURCE and LOVE, be YOUR guiding DOVE🌹🌹In love and gratitude🌹🌹🌹 Within the wholy date; Sunday the 26th of April 2020 I AM Satirata, which is my soulname.
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