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Mary Jane is a life coach & practitioner of EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, which along side her studies in Meta-Health & Ayurveda and many years experience facilitating behaviour change courses and working one-to-one, give her a breadth of knowledge and skill to help make your time with her welcoming, rewarding & worthwhile for you to make the changes you want to see in your own life.

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A Journey in Health, More Fun & Wellness

I'm all about living a life in balance & harmony as best I can. I don't always get this right and while my life hasn't been the toughest road to navigate, certainly compared to some you hear about, it certainly hasn't always flowed in a joyful, abundant and exciting way, which I'm beginning to enjoy more of now. That's not to say it all runs smoothly with ease & effortless joy now either...I still have moments, which can last for weeks or even months which I could do without... However, what ...

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How to Release Stress & Pain & High Five Your Life

  • Categories: Wellbeing
  • Sat, 3 March 18 : 10:00am
  • Flanders Road, London, W4 1, United Kingdom, W4 ,GB
  • 07516 796537

So often the beliefs that control your life & destiny are unconscious. This workshop actively intro ...Read More...

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