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Human Inner Being Anatomy - Proteks International

Bedford, UK


Spiritual Development

The knowledge of Human Inner being Anatomy is not widely know amongst the general public. This knowledge dates back over many thousands of years at a time when wars were non-existent, originating in the region of Mount Bromo, East Java, indonesia, . The knowledge was used for protections against the wild surrounding & also maintaining peace & harmony, the ability being handed down form generation to generations. Slowly this knowledge disappeared until the teaching was re-discovered in 1907, the teaching being described as a "Structural anatomy of Human Inner force, built by the seven purest elements of natural inner strength".

This knowledge has a systems of natural physical training called Kixa & merges as one with 'Central Power'', Giving people the practical & physical solutions to develop their natural inner strength & such problems lack of self confidence, lack of self control, aggressive emotional nature, victims of violence, prejudice & many more.

Central Power is a form of Inner Strength based on special breathing, concentration & internal muscle control techniques, enabling one to centralise several elements within oneself the instinct, senses, energy, awareness, internal heath, inner vision & inner voice. Each stage marks a step up the ladder towards finding inner peace.

Central Power training in it's practise provides the individual with the ability to increase stamina & maintain health & fitness. It strengthens the solar-plexus through combining the breath control with concentration resulting in more 'inner' abilities related with the control of blood circulation, self control over anger & aggression & reducing some degree of 'stress & health related problems'

central power exercise give one the ability to sense instinctively the energy levels within the body & full awareness of a calm & peaceful nature.

Proteks International now in 2019 is providing this training to individuals including classes, workshops, Grandtrainings &our specail event in Mount Bromo, Indonesia for full details please contact me, Philip Wright

Further informations, events, will be announced soon.

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Human Inner Being Anatomy - Proteks International

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