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Reiki Enlightenment

12 Lax Court, Charter Way, Wells BA5 2FP



We are walking along the same path....

The path to Ascension and Enlightenment, so welcome and thank you for reading my page.

My journey has been very Shamanic, and Reiki is just one of the adventures which have led me to this moment in the now.

Holy Fire Reiki -Holy Fire Karuna ® Reiki
Reiki Sound Ray - Reiki Crystal Ray

After 25 years of healing and teaching with the Traditional Usui Reiki, I decided to upgrade to the Holy Fire Reiki, introduced by William Rand.
This has led me on a further deeper transformation. During my 25 years of learning and teaching, Vibrational Healing has been a large area of my activity including Sacred Sound, Crystals, Colour and Ascended Masters.

I was guided by the Masters to create these new and exciting modules, which combine my years of experience of Vibrational Healing with Reiki. These new modules are aimed at either "Experienced healers / therapist, or Reiki qualified healers. The new modules are condensed into shorter courses and make it more accessable for you to be able to teach it, yourself!

Each of these 2 - 3 day courses are combined with Reiki, and course and some experience, you can take the next step and teach it yourself!
Coming Soon.... REIKI COLOUR RAY

Level 1
St Germain & the Violet Flame opens the heart to the three fold flame and the use of the violet flame and using affirmations.
Level 2 El Morya and the Silver Blue Flame

The Mitchell Hedges Skull and the Crystal Skulls have led me on many adventures in life, and having visited The Mitchell Hedges Skull in the US, and the UK, I now have a large collection which I share in workshops and sell online at my shop Amazing Skulls!

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Reiki Enlightenment

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Reiki Enlightenment - The Birth of Enlightenment Reiki Throughout my life I have received downloads of information and been taught and guided by the Ascended Masters. Through my meditations and talks with the Masters, came the idea of restructuring my teaching methods of Crystals, Colour and Sound, into a system overseen by the Ascended Masters. Making these modules more accessible to those already trained in Reiki whilst they gain a Higher Vibrational Energy and a new skill, for those dedicated to the next step of their journey to Ascension. So was born Reiki Enlightenment, which will be directly overseen by the Masters of each Ray, as a Gift to us all, providing healing tools to remind us of our ancient wisdom and knowledge through Sound, Crystals and Creative Colour. I know that all areas of my life are supported by the Higher Realms, my guides, the Ascended Masters, Angels and Cosmic Beings! The many realms and dimensions which interact with us and support us in evolving every day! The Beauty of life is that we are evolving together, learning and growing and expanding the Light Network here on the Earth plane. We here at Reiki Enlightenment invite you to step on the path of Enlightenment and join us on the pathway of Ascension.
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