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PALMISTRY with Andy Ford

Palmistry Workshop with Andy Ford Sunday 25th JULY 2021 10am – 5pm £40 Learn the ancient art of palm reading with renowned spiritual medium and trance medium Andy Ford Palmist, Medium, Trance Medium, Tarot Reader and Tutor Andy has many years experience in reading palms and was trained by a Master Palmist at the College of Psychic Studies in London. He is also a working medium doing church services, demonstrations and readings online and in person. Andy is a qualified tutor and teaches all aspects of his spiritual abilities in the United Kingdom and abroad. In this one day workshop I will share with you the secret legacy from your soul which is etched upon the palms of your hands The intricate lines of you hands tells the story of who you are, past present and future potential You will analyse and understand your own hand and gain a deeper insight of yourself and also have the opportunity to analyse the hands of others Come and have a fun day exploring the art of Palmistry. You will be provided with handouts as the day progresses enabling you to do a basic reading by the end of the day. The day will show you how to build from finding out about the personality, to the experiences that someone has had in their life. The palm reading will be a combination of the scientific and intuitive, enabling you to receive an insight from the different lines, shapes and hand sizes. Your hands contain the DNA of who you are and what you have experienced. A great fun and informative day suitable for all abilities Spaces are limited so please book early. Places confirmed upon payment via our website
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