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Angelic Reiki is a method of transferring higher vibrational energy between the higher spiritual dimensions and the earth plane. This system of healing was gifted to earth through the energy of Archangel Metatron around 2002. The healing arts of the ancient times are re-awakening and are given to you in this practice via Archangel Metatron. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary, just a desire to work with the Angelic Realms. In the first instance embarking on the journey with Angelic Reiki training is led by your soul who knows you are ready to spiritually and emotionally evolve, to heal deep wounds from this and many past lives. Angelic Reiki will expand your level of multidimensional consciousness and will re-awaken ancient galactic light codes and healing abilities that lie within you. This training also begins the journey of karmic cord cutting and negative energy cleansing within you. I advise that Angelic Reiki is not simply just a system of healing to learn in order to make a career from. Over time it will bring about profound personal change on a soul level and awakens the beginning of the deepest clearing possible in your multidimensional body and is therefore a transformational tool for you as an evolving human. If you then feel a calling to share this powerful energy with others, assisting them to heal, that too is a beautiful experience and this training provides everything that you need to learn in order to do so. Trust that you will be led by your soul in whatever way you are meant to work with this beautiful healing modality. Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 This is a 2 and a half day course that will guide you to learn how to self-heal, heal others in person and distantly as a qualified practitioner. During the course you will undertake - meditation to activate the 17 chakra system - karma cutting and Angelic cleansing prior to each attunement - attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree - the anchoring of 8 Multidimensional Angelic light codes into your energy field - An initiation to the Angelic Kingdom of Light at the 11th Dimension through Archangel Metatron - Practical hands on healing experience of channelling healing energy with Angels, Ascended Masters & Galactic Beings of light - Guidance for conducting a multidimensional healing (past life) - self-healing, distant healing & third eye healing method. You will receive a master clear quartz crystal which will be attuned to the angelic codes of healing, a practitioner's manual and certificate. Following the training there may be an opportunity to take part in a monthly healing share group to continue the development of your healing practice. How does Angelic Reiki differ from other forms of Reiki? This is a question that is commonly asked particularly in regards to the most traditional form of Reiki known as Usui Reiki Healing. I initially trained in Usui Reiki and enjoyed many years of practising before i then embarked on the Angelic Reiki journey. Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki continues to be a loving spiritual guide to me and assists me with my healing on a personal and professional level. I have the utmost repect for Usui Reiki. The difference is simply that the healer is channelling different vibrational levels of energy within the system they are using. Every living being on earth resonates at a different frequency and every healer is able to channel a certain level of frequency based on the expansion of their own consciousness. With Angelic Reiki as your consciousness is prepared for expansion you receive a reminder of how to channel a very high vibrational energy that exists in the Angelic Realm; a plethora of energy that once walked with us on Earth. You also learn how to channel energy from galactic healers that many of us are connected with on a soul level from other planets such as the Pleidian Emissaries Of Light and many of the Ascended Masters that once walked the earth. With Usui Reiki the energy a healer channels is a universal spiritual energy that surrounds us all. The vibration of planet earth and everyone upon her is changing fast and healing modalities are evolving for those that are ready to connect once again with higher dimensional energy. This means that different people need different energy at different times in their life. Neither is better than the other, they are simply different depending on the stage of your evolving consciousness. Trust your soul to guide you to the kind of healing and training that is right for you £252 per person – REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW 12-14th Feb 2020 - Leeds, West Yorkshire MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE Please contact me for more details 07447 699235 Email: [email protected] FB:
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