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Truth Quest Calgary 2019

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." So what exactly is truth? Who can we believe? Is the truth really out there? Join us in our Quest for Truth as we encourage critical thinking in a safe and supportive environment. The "Truth Quest Calgary 2019" Conference will be featuring a panel of riveting speakers with compelling subject matter: Matt Long is an avid student of the Bible, particularly Genesis and "Literal Biblical Cosmology", and speaks to the question: "Can we believe the Bible? Is there actual evidence for the faith of so many?" Robbie Davidson is the founder of Celebrate Truth and the organizer of FEIC, and speaks to Scientism Exposed Mark K. Sargent released a series of youtube videos titled "Flat Earth Clues" and speaks to how the Flat Earth community has advanced in the last 4 years Emily Pittsford is an author, blogger and speaker, who communicates on gender confusion issues and her personal life experiences Jared Chrestman is co-creater of the organization "Through the Black" and his main focus is on spiritual warfare education, speaking to the question: "Is there really a battle for our minds?" Nathan Reynolds is the author of "Snatched from the Flames", the true story of one man's journey to uncover the Family Secrets buried in his blood-stained past Tickets are on sale now! FAQs How can I contact the organizer with any questions? For more information, please contact Sara Stewart at [email protected] URLs: Facebook: YouTube: End Date and Time: On May 18, 2019 at 6:00 pm Prices: Early Bird Admission: CAD 40.0, General Admission: CAD 50.0, Youth Ticket: CAD 20.0
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