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Marriage Relationship Course

A great relationship, especially in marriage is not an accident. Unfortunately, for many, their relationships feel like accidents. And we should not be surprised by this because many of us have not intentionally learn how to create and maintain good and healthy relationships. It is generally assumed that people will just pick up relational and marriage skills, which has NOT been the case for many. The Marriage Relationship Course is for anyone, especially couples who are married or those that plan to be married (singles or engaged), who want to understand what it takes to have a good marriage relationship. The course is also designed to strengthen or restore relationships and to help grow in love and intimacy. The course is based on Biblical principles but designed for both Christians and non-Christians to: 1. Provide foundations for good marriage relationships 2. Explore why and how relationships, including marriage relationships get into trouble 3. Bring healing and strength intorelationships 4. Provide how to create intimacy in relationships The Marriage Relationship Course is unique in helping to explore key aspects of marriage relationships, develop intimacy and strengthen their relationships. The course fee is £10, which covers materials, snacks, tea, coffee and drinks. We will REFUND £5 of the course fee if you attend the course. . There is a DINNER at the end of the course, which is about £20 per person. Attendance is completely optional. For further details: Prices: Early Bird: GBP 0.00 Full Access: GBP 10.00 End Time: 5:30 pm



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