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Release Wellbeing Day

Spend a whole day releasing your fears and reaching a place of inner-confidence with a number of unique holistic practices all geared toward this worthy outcome. We’ve got four expert practitioners for you to learn from and four completely different activities for you to get stuck into. You’re definitely going to experience something new. You’re definitely going to find something that resonates with you. You’re definitely going to learn something new about yourself. And you’re definitely going to RELEASE. Plus you'll walk away with a goodie bag filled with all sorts of wonderful little gifts valued at £20 each! 12.00 Herbal tea and a short film 12.30 Set Your Release Intention 13.00 Cleansing, Purifying and Releasing Yoga 14.30 Connect to your Inner Fears using Numerology and Mandalas 15.30 Drum Journey for Courage 16.30 The Fearless You Plus vegan friendly buffet lunch with live instrumental music throughout. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED WITHIN THE TICKET PRICE. STANDARD TICKETS = £25 OR PAY £30 ON THE DAY - SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. More info on Facebook: or search 'Release Wellbeing Day' Get your ticket:



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