Psychic Medium Deb Sheppard Live @ Sandia Resort and Casino

Deb Sheppard is excited to appear for the first time at Sandia Resort and Casino in the Grand Ballroom. Deb Sheppard is aninternationally recognized medium, psychic, author and speaker, has connected thousands of clients to their loved ones in spirit, helping bring life full circle. Death is a part of every life, and Deb believes those who have crossed over remain connected to us––although they are on the other side, they are forever by our side. Deb’s incredible ability places her in the top 3% most accurate in her profession. Known as an “empath,” Deb connects to the unseen realms through feelings in her body and her emotions. As a medium, she acts as a liaison, relaying comforting messages between the physical and spiritual worlds. As an entertainer, Deb’s sense of humor, light-heartedness and compassion create a safe and fun environment for all who attend her readings and events.During this Event, audience members can expect to witness profoundly detailed validations of communication from the other side, as Deb serves as a channel for communication between the living and the spirit world. This is an unbelievable opportunity to peek behind the curtain and experience the energy and synchronicities that an audience of this size can experience. Even though it cannot be predicted who will come through and a reading cannot be guaranteed, many readings will take place and everyone will hear the messages and validations in a way that may also be meant for you. VIP ticket holders will be have the opportunity to have 30 more minutes with Deb after the event. Deb will be having a question and answer session directly following the main event, where you will have the opportunity to be a part of the group asking her 5 more questions and Price VIP: USD 75.00 middle section: USD 45.00 general admission: USD 35.00 Artists / Speakers: Deb Sheppard Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm



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