Healing, Dowsing and Meditation with Scarlett of the Fae

Meditation - simple meditations to cleanse yourself and connect to earth and the 'All'. Energy Healing - how to experience ourselves as 'beings of energy' - how to feel sensations of energy within ourselves - directing that energy to other people for healing - practising the use of sensory and visual communications during healing - giving people feedback about what we sense Distant Healing - how to give healing when the person is not physically present What different illnesses and parts of the body represent - symptoms in parts of the body can tell us something very specific about tensions in our lives. We will learn about these connections - the body's metaphors - what is your body telling you? A simple guide. Dowsing - how to dowse with a pendulum - identifying your 'yes' and 'no' - using dowsing for our own health - choosing remedies, vitamins etc Dowsing to Heal Others - using the pendulum to pick up areas in the body which may need healing We will be giving and receiving healings during the day so you will leave feeling great and having met some like-minded others.



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