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Working With Trance States

Do you want to understand about blending with Energy Beings? Are you ready to explore working with Spirit from a deeper connection? Does your healing work take you into an altered state but you want to know more? Explore shamanic, spiritualist and meditative techniques to deepen your energy connections and learn about the different ways of entering an altered state of consciousness. Experience what it feels like and how to explore high vibrational connections with non-physical beings. In a protected space uncover your own ability to work with and in Trance. The workshop is led by Annie Conboy, Trance Medium and channel for Letters From The Light Side Places are limited so please book early. The workshop costs £65 (with a non-refundable deposit of £20 to reserve your place). Refreshments are provided but please bring a packed lunch.



VISIT WEBSITE 07930 282773 (Annie Conboy)

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