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Orassy Solar Eclipse meditation

There will be a total Solar Eclipse on Monday the 21st August lasting 2 mins and 40 seconds in different parts of the world including Ireland, Scotland and just north of Liverpool and Sheffield in the UK. The darkness associated with Solar Eclipses also casts a shadow on our lives because they happen at the New Moon and are about taking care of unfinished personal business, getting honest with yourself, and planting seeds for the future. Ceremonies and rituals that are conducted with clear focus and intention during solar eclipses are 10 000 times more potent than any other time. Consequently, the Orassy is offering a powerful group meditation and Kuntunzanpo puja that is aimed at dissolving all negativity and developing clarity to achieve true Life goals toward self- transformation. Join us for this extremely rare and amazing event by contacting reception to secure your position. Love and Light The Orassy Team



0207 517 9521 (Konstantin Pavlidis)

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