Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement (online webinar)

I am a conscious voice channel/medium, reiki teacher, author, and healer. I channelled the Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki attunement in August 2017. This powerful reiki healing energy is a synthesis of the violet flame, amethyst ray of Archangel Amethyst, etheric crystals, and crystalline healing energy and consciousness. It is a healing energy that can be used for yourself, channelled to others, to support indigo crystal rainbow children and adults, to cleanse and charge your crystals, set up etheric and pysical crystal grids, aura and chakra protection, cleansing of attachments and your home, ascension development, and planetary earth healing. The attunement will be facilitated by myself Pamela Caddy - founder of Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki, within an online webinar event, that is open to all from the comfort of your home. I will provide you with the link to access the online webinar. After your attunement, you willl receive your manual (emailed to you) and a signed and posted master/teacher certificate. After the attunement and spending time working with this healing energy, you can work with this energy for yourself, or pass on the attunement onto others when you are ready. Full ongoing support is available and you can join my crystalline violet flame reiki support/community group on facebook. Where I channel wisdom on a regualr basis to support your on-going learning and discovery with this healing energy, and answere your questions, share spiritual experiecnes and self learning with this healing energy to other students. For more information and to book your place within the online webinar. Please visit my website.




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