Joey Yap's Qi Men Odyssey Seminar (SG)

Dato' Joey Yap is poised to make another mark in his championship of the ancient art with 'Qi Men Odyssey.' Qi Men Dun Jia literally means Mysterious Door, Hiding Jia; Qi Men can be used to calculate energy imprint of a specific moment in time and space to achieve one's desired reality. In this game of life, there are significant differences between those who play to win, those who play to not lose, and those clueless to the presence of the game. No matter your ambitions, it's important to not merely rise to the occasion, but to rise with the occasion. Whichever position one holds or whatever trouble one faces, Chinese Metaphysics is a vehicle with infinite actionable trajectories to be taken. The ancient art is unprejudiced of experiences, upbringing, and industries. Price: Super Early Bird (Gold): SGD 88.00 Normal Price: SGD 168.00 Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm



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