Meet Your Spirit Animal Guides - Celtic Ancestral Shamanism

Details of this workshop can be found here... or here... Please note, this is a two day event! A magical weekend workshop to come home to yourself... Discover the worlds of the bards, 'Celtic' myths and legends Deepen your spiritual journey Discover how to heal yourself, from within! Because you easily master how to:: Discover the ‘magic’ your Ancestors once knew whether 'Celtic' British or Anglo-Saxon or other. Meet your power animal spirit allies and guides Learn how to safely ‘journey’ in ‘Otherworld’ aka shaman-world or non-ordinary reality. Connect at a deeper level to nature and mother earth Connect to the elements at a deeper level Re-member ‘new’ skills from within you Discover why Arthur and Merlin ‘myths’ are more than just stories… Meet your Higher Level Guide. Discover the Grail ‘within’ you Answer the call of your ancestors in your DNA Learn how to stay safe and the importance of 'psychic protection' Learn the importance of ceremony & good habits of daily practice, and good ethics. Who are you? Come home to yourself Learn How to Heal yourself at deep levels. Receive answers for your deepest questions Learn Practical self-healing. This course is suitable for anyone with no prior work necessary. It is also suitable for those who have already studied in other traditions, such as south or north american, african or european who wish to connect to their british/english ancestors and spirits, energies and mythologies.



VISIT WEBSITE 01702 808710 (Tracy Munn)

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