Crystal, Chakras and all Things Magically Healing

Details of this workshop can be found here... or Crystals, chakras and all things magically healing. Investigating what happens between your chakras (energy centres) and your aura (energy field). Where and how blocks occur in our energetic flow and how to heal these for yourself and clients and move forward with your health, dreams, goals and desires. A life changing experience! £45 for the workshop, payable in cash at the shop or by card directly to Philip. Now payable in full. "I loved that! It was really lovely energy. It felt warm and fuzzy and nice except for the crystal on my block where I felt very cold and the small crystal felt very heavy" (Jo, Hemel Hempstead) I was amazed I could feel it work" (Christina, Hemel Hempstead) "I'd never felt anything like that! It felt very strange but good and tingling." (Heena, Hemel Hempstead)



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