NEW D.A.R.E Therapy Induction Training

NEW D.A.R.E Therapy Induction Training
Looking for New Horizons - Discover NEW ways to help others. Dissolve & Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) Intuitive Body-Mind Specialist Practitioners programme. Be Pioneers in outstanding health approaches. A clinical multifaceted effective therapy, inspirational, exciting, that includes self-help, tools. Specialist approaches for Pain, Emotional and Psychological issues, Trauma, health disorders. Birth Trauma, women and children’s health issues. A ONE-stop shop for improving, preventing and dealing with core issues. We live the result of hidden factors. Mirror image inherited emotional and psychological impacts making us more prone to disorders, such as PTS, depression stress, introversion and anxiety. Neglect and abuse causes stress hormones that go on to produce inflammation and inner conversion for ill health to come. Prevention is the key and D.A.R.E is effective in helping to find and clear out emotional drive. Hidden factors rule without conscious awareness. In D.A.R.E we look outside the box, observe Bigger Picture view, reality and core different to disorder label. Helping to STOP cycle of dysfunction and miss-match in life. Learn reality of Quantum field. Induction programme is open to anyone. Tapping into dormant areas and talents, ensures all on the same page for D.A.R.E training. Training options: 2 x 4 days or 7-day summer intensive. Induction: 5-days includes home visual/ CD/pre-read pack Induction/Foundation 1&2 offers 35 new skills. FREE video Manual, certificate. CPD approved Block booking discount and spread the cost options Allonus ZEST of Life programme – Workshops, Specialist Training, Self-discovery and One-to-One tutoring plus more Joy Wisdom Founder Awarded Inspirational Woman & Commitment to excellence 2015 DATES: Cheltenham 22-27th July: 9-13th September Chester Sth & 23-27th September Leeds times 10-6 each daily Follow on Foundation training 2 x 4 days = TBC October & November



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