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Meet Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji

This is a rare chance to talk to Sadguru one-to-one, ask about spiritual path, share your concerns and receive answers suitable personally for you. Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji is an unceasing source of Knowledge and Love. Guru Ji was born in a family of Brahmin purohits, where spiritual practices and disciplines were observed for many generations. From a young age Shri Prakash Ji has learned the true meaning of yoga, has demonstrated spiritual powers and knowledge, has been distinguished by insight typical of wise old men. Today the Master does not teach the ways of one specific religious path - he is able to help every person to grow spiritually on the road that they chose for themselves. Shri Prakash Ji’s teaching is practical, consistent and His knowledge helps to create a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life and aids overall development. Entrance by donation Please book your slot in advance: Exact location will be sent when you confirm your slot.



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