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St Germain & the Violet Flame

Join us in the Heart Centre of Avebury 15th & 16th July 2017 - Two day workshop From 10.00 to 4.30pm Venue: Elements of Avebury 1 Green St, Avebury, SN8 1RF SAINT GERMAIN AND THE VIOLET FLAME St GermainSaint Germain is a “Seventh Ray Ascended Master” on the ray of Ceremony & Ritual governing all aspects of healing. St Germain created the Violet Flame as a method for us to complete the Ascension Programme. There is a whole new terminology associated with St Germain, a new way of thinking and speaking, and affirmations to empower the Higher Self, your I Am Presence. In this workshop you will receive an attunement, and instructions as per St Germain’s teachings, and personal channellings to myself. To support you in your transformation. Transform your belief systems under the guidance of the Angels of the Violet Flame. Activate the Three Fold Flame of the Heart and the Seven Fold Flame of the Crown. The price for this 2 day workshop is £120.00 The outline for the workshop is: Working with the Violet Flame to: Raise your vibration Call in the Angels of the Violet Flame Learn how to use the Violet Flame Learn affirmations directly channelled by St Germain Activate the Sacred Fire of the Heart Receive an attunement to activate the Three Fold Flame of the Heart and the Seven Fold Flame of the brain structure Empower yourself with LOVE – WISDOM – POWER Meditation and developments to cleanse the higher chakras, focusing on your I AM PRESENCE Price for 2 days is £120.00 For more info visit our website



VISIT WEBSITE 078378 97478 (Dee Banton)

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