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Crystal Therapy Practitioner Course

Crystal Therapy One year Practitioners Course This course is Accredited with the CMA Welcome! I hope you find all the information you require about the course below, please contact us if you would like a chat or have any questions. You can call Dee on: 01672 562062 or Mo: 078378 97478 Dee Banton is the School Founder and will be running the courses held this year. All groups will be a maximum of 8 people. Course Modules and Dates The Crystal Therapy Practitioner Course will be held over 12 days. This will be divided into 3 Modules as listed below: 88888888888888888888888888 Course dates for 2016 – 17 Module 1: 5 days 25 – 29th Sept 2017 Module 2: 5 days 22 – 26th Jan 2018 Module 3: 2 days 12 / 13th May 2018 Crystal Therapy – Course Content 88888888888888888888888888 The Healing Properties of Crystals An introduction to crystals Selecting Crystals for Healing Elementals and deva’s Activating a crystal Meditation / Connecting with the Crystal Elemental Cleansing / dedicating and programming crystals The Atomic structure of crystals The healing properties of 25 crystals Connecting with your guides Creating Your Reality An introduction to the Aura & the Chakras Meditation with Colour Crystals – Connecting with the Charkas The Cause of Disease Creating your reality You are what you believe Belief Systems & Patterns Dowsing with a pendulum for Crystal Healing Crystal Healing Consultations Grounding & Protection Giving a Crystal Healing Consultation process Contra indications Crystals & the chakras Placing your client in a Crystal Grid Case histories x 10 sessions Client aftercare The price of the course is £900.00



VISIT WEBSITE 07837897478 (Dee Banton)

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