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Sound Therapy Practitioner Course

Sound Therapy Practitioners Course This course has been accredited by: C.M.A. Contact Us if you would like to arrange a suitable date for your Sound Training! The course consists of 3 x 5 day modules. The minimum number of tutored hours for the course will be 136 with home study content averaging 180 hours. Dates for Module 1 2017 5 days - 9th to 13th Oct 2017 Dates for Module 2 2017 5 days – 5 – 9th Feb 2017 Dates for Module 3 to be arranged. To become a Sound Therapist the following modules are: MODULE 1 & 2 - After taking both modules and completing the course work you will be a qualified practitioner. MODULE 3 – is the advanced course, this module is recommened. It can be taken during the following 3 years. PRACTITIONER TRAINING - MODULE 1 5 Days Toning for self healing and giving treatments – 5 days. Meditation with sound, aligning the subtle bodies with sound, your personal note, the inner ear, sounding your name, toning with vowel mantras for self healing, the aura and the chakras, toning with colour, rain stick, patterns, belief systems, health safety, giving a healing treatment with sound, Homework including case histories. Practitioner Level After completing module 2 – the course work and case histories, you will be considered to be a Sound Practitioner and will be able to get insurance and begin practicing. Your portfolio is given in at the beginning of module 3, but you may present it to the school before to receive your certificate. Full Diploma The full Diploma for a Sound Therapy Practitioner will not be given until you have completed Module 3. All Courses will run by Dee Banon at, ISVH near Marlborough. Course prices what is included Each 5 day module is £650.00 Module 1 & 2 required for practitioner status. Please contact Dee Banton for more info or to book on the course.



VISIT WEBSITE 078378 97478 (Dee Banton)

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