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Crystal Grids - A New Workshop with Philip Permutt

Crystal Grids - A New Workshop with Philip Permutt
This new workshop is brought to you concurrently with the launch of Philips new book "The book of Crystal Grids" which is published in October 17th. Discover what crystal grids are and how and why they work, including how crystal grids create energy fields and the theory of sacred geometry. Learn how to create a crystal grid, empowering it through the selection, colour and shape of the crystals in the grid, and how to give the grid a focus by setting an intention and meditating. The crystals used in your grid can be taken home to continue your crystal journey at home. Refreshments/buffet included. Please email to book. Advance tickets only. £60



VISIT WEBSITE 02083936141 (Dee Steed)

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