Path of Tao: Soul-Realisation through Movement (Energy-Flow) Course

Dear ones.... I practice energy work and would like to share some info with you about a teacher, Panda Chi, who is offering his Path of Tao: Soul-Realisation through Movement energy-flow course at the London Spiritual Mission this June. My involvement is purely non-financial and driven from having experienced the course first-hand in India earlier this year. The work is a challenge to describe, but what I came away with after attending this course was both tangible and profound. Panda Chi guides students through the forms of Tai Chi, Chi-Kung and Chakra Healing exercises, but these are not the main focus. The true essence of the course is the energy, space and consciousness that flows between these practices and is facilitated for each student. As well as organising this course in London, which I will also be attending, I am booked to attend again at the Shambhala Gatherings Retreat Centre in Sweden in July ( From what I’ve witnessed, at least half of Panda Chi’s courses are filled by return students. It’s not for the faint-hearted however, it does what it says on the tin. Be prepared to work on yourself, warts and all, and see real spiritual progression and transformation occur. Anyway... you can read all about the work, Panda's lineage, photos and most importantly recent student testimonials at Panda Chi is holding a series of Satsangs (talk + guided meditation) in London for those interested in meeting him before booking up. If you're interested in joining us for one or have any questions, just drop me a line at / +44 7765 145071. Thank-you, Claire xx



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