LiGHt Healing foundation level Diamond Inguz

LiGHt Healing foundation level Diamond Inguz
Allonus LiGHt Healing is a NEW programme of Healing that is unique from Quan Yin and Divine Feminine. The Foundation level Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing 2-day. Brings internal change and Solar Chakra living. An advanced level of Healing that brings Spiritual development to University attainment: Foundation, Intermediate Omni, Opalescence, Omni-Verse levels to Atlantean Template and Ascension. A whole NEW ongoing support programme that gives internal system upshift at every level. Helps to keep you out of emotion and enhances all that you do.  Unique support system for individual and 24-7 deflection of negativity - all therapists and practitioners need this to keep them safe from others baggage etc., while treating:    Incredible level of support is felt daily…. win win situation all around.   This programme helps to support GAIA..... All encompassing Wow factor Joy Wisdom Founder, Author, LIGHtworker, Psychic, Healer, Gaia Rescuer, leading LiGht for humanity. Chester South 17-18th June - FREE parking Cheltenham 29-30th July Meet Joy at Glastonbury Symposium Friday 28th July when she.opens the event 10am



VISIT WEBSITE 07951283495 (Joy Wisdom)

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