Change your life in 6 days- the Wow factor is delivered to you Be inspired and lift inheritance from generations that limits our lives - A LIFE changing experience that lasts... Chester 10-15th June Free parking The workshop is an all-encompassing approach to health, self-discovery and spiritual enhancement. Energy medicine and 6th sense attainment that is through physical activation. Attendance is required to receive all the changes and upshifts that is processed via the body.   A LIFE Changing EXPERIENCE…that happens daily. A multifaceted approach that Includes clearing of emotional inheritance daily.   We cover many topics and the realities of the miss match we live due to Inherited Generational Trauma and absorption (IGTA).  Includes full spectrum of energetics, 6th sense development that is initiated via the physical.   I have been teaching Mindfulness since 2005, and my expertise is pasted to students on how to jettison the blockages and limitation we live and live your own life.     I advocate we need to get rid of the limiters and influences that keep us entrapped.   If we do not get rid of the emotional impacts, then whatever you learn or do it will not change for the better.  For it is our inherited mix that stands in our way to liberation.   Therefore, we must look at all aspects of individuals.  Give them the tools to help themselves.   We don’t know what we hold until it is gone!   Don’t Wait grab the opportunity  This workshop is also the induction for Revolutionary D.A.R.E Practitioners Intuitive Body/Mind therapy   I am at the same venues for Allonus LiGht Healing foundation course Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing 2-day workshop Chester 17-18th June  Cheltenham 29-30th July   SECRETS Cheltenham 22nd July **Joy is opening Glastonbury Symposium Friday 28th July   10 am slot 



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