Weekend Animal Communication Course

Do you want to explore the practice of animal communication in order to understand the personal needs of animals? Do you want to be guided by someone who is really grounded, highly experienced and provides a very relaxed environment where there is no judgement or fear of failure, just fun, sincere, and practical? Pea Horsley has 11 years experience, is a Hay House author of two books in 5 languages and a TEDx speaker on animal communication. Pea presents workshops and retreats all over the world as far as Panama, Hawaii and Australasia. "Pea is a wonderful speaker who is excellent at guiding students into the realm of animal communication." "Informative, supportive, enjoyable and integrity. This is how I describe Pea's workshops." "Pea is a gifted women who can truly communicate with Animals. She believes we can all do it. She teaches anyone who is willing to open and to be taught." Animal Communication...what is it, can anyone do it, and how does it benefit animals? These questions and many more are answered in this TEDx talk. To view the details and booking visit the website or phone for info:



VISIT WEBSITE 020 8696 9121 (Pea Horsley)

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