Weekend Animal Communication Course

You love animals? You have a feeling they are trying to tell you something but you're not sure what it is? Rather than guessing, you can learn how to communicate with them, pretty much like a conversation. You can share and receive information to understand them deeply - what they love, what they fear, what they dislike and by gaining this direct connection your relationship will shift to an even more beautiful level. Pea Horsley teaches worldwide as far as Australia, New Zealand, Panama and Hawaii. She excels at bringing the best out of you as you learn to tap into a skill you already you have within you. Her ability to work lightly but dive deep is what attracts people to travel all over the world to be guided by her in workshops and retreats. Pea Horsley is also a Hay House author of 2 books published in 5 languages and a TED talk on animal communication. Praise for Pea's workshops: "Pea will successfully and skilfully plant the right seeds in you, to allow your inner potential to grow, mature and blossom into a wonderful, brilliant tree of knowledge about the field of animal communication." "It was a really enjoyable weekend and it left me inspired to pursue animal communication further." "Pea opened my mind to what I thought was not possible. This course has the power to heal oneself and the power to bring great change to animals' ives." Animal Communication...what is it, can anyone do it, and how does it benefit animals? These questions and many more are answered in this TEDx talk. Dates: 24 & 25 June 2017 An Introduction to Animal Communication workshop TAUNTON For information about the workshop please click the link.



VISIT WEBSITE 020 8696 9121 (Pea Horsley)

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