Energy Management Workshop

Energy Management Workshop
Join us for an enlightening day of exploration and illumination. You will become more aware of your intuitive abilities to detect subtle energies around the Human Energy Field, as well as the affects negative energies can have on you. Learn how to manage your energies through helpful techniques that are presented in a fun and informative way. The day will include teaching how to manage your skills so it does not drain you and leave you or your clients open to 'Psychic issues’. We will be covering the responsibilities and side effects of working psychically and with spirit. ? This workshop is 'all levels', but especially for: Those who find maintaining their inner energy levels somewhat challenging or wish to build up psychic energy for their work. (That’s everyone). Especially for Healers, Mediums, Sensitives, Intuitives, Empaths & other Spiritual Practitioners. You will learn: Principles of energy management. Dealing with challenges we all face including, Raising energy levels & grounding, Introduction to Energy Cords, Thought forms, Psychic Vampires & how to prevent them. How to be an aware, balanced, spiritually responsible lightworker. How to prevent taking on negative energy forms from others and becoming ill yourself. About psychic protection that works. Building a stronger impenetrable Auric field. (Aura depletion, holes & repair) Introduction to invasive negative energies (spirit attachments & Possession). Being an aware, balanced, spiritually responsible lightworker. Many even experienced lightworkers are carrying energies within their Energy Field from other people along with other negative energies forms, something that can endanger themselves and their clients. We will help you deal with these.



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