Transformational Regression Training

Transformational Regression Training This is a series of 3 x five day training courses running from 9am to 6.30pm with additional online modules to supplement the training This course is part of our fully Accredited Hypnosis and Regression Training Programme. This part of the training offers an in-depth look into Regression (past and current life), a wide variety of transformation and integration techniques, plus how to work with it effectively and safely with clients. It also offers all participants a “Journey of the Soul” as all will be able to work with their own life challenges during the course of this training, and thus make significant positive changes to their current life. Content The TRT Diploma consists of 3 x 5 day workshops over the course of 6-9 months plus online training webinars. The full composition of the training is: 120 hours of tutor led time. 3 x 5-day workshops which are a mix of theory, live demonstrations, practical exercises in small groups, and interactive session reviews and discussions 10 hours of supervision online including live online webinars 100+ hours of pre-course reading, theory and preparation. 120+ hours of case study supervision working with volunteer clients including session preparation, session delivery and reflection. 150 hours of interim and post-course reading and research FULL COURSE BROCHURE AND REGISTRATION FORM AVAILABLE ON REQUEST



VISIT WEBSITE 07979750291 (Doug Buckingham)

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