INFINITE PROSPERITY INTENSIVE ONE-DAY WORKSHOP Sunday, June 25, 2017 DIORAMA ARTS CENTRE 201 Drummond Street, Regent’s Place, London NW1 3FE, London INFINITE PROSPERITY INTENSIVE ONE-DAY WORKSHOP DO YOU WANT TO BECOME WEALTHY BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS? Do you identify with some of the questions: - Are you in arrears with your credit card, rent or any other expenses? - is it impossible to buy things you truly want (a car, a house, holidays, stylish clothes, etc.)? - Are you on a treadmill regarding your monthly income? - Are you struggling to pay your long term debts? IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS, KEEP ON READING... Are you held in financial scarcity by these assumptions? - - Money is dirty - - Money corrupts people - - Money is the root of all evil - - Save money for a rainy day - - There is not enough money - - Money is hard to get - - It takes time to make money - - You need money to make money Do you feel dismissed by fortune because of not having enough money? IT IS TIME TO CHANGE! Please honestly ask yourself: - Do you really want to leave behind a life of mediocrity? - Do you want your life to be more at ease and pleasurable? - Do you wish you could buy a new car, purchase the house of your dreams? - Do you wish you could go on holiday to the most exotic places? IT IS TIME TO CHANGE! If you have been using your strategy and it has not made you prosperous, it is high time to use a different strategy. You have to understand that there are well-proven tools you can use in order to have a more abundant life. With this intensive workshop you can access cutting-edge tools to have a more abundant life. A more prosperous life means improving all dimensions of your life, including the money you have. This intensive workshop is one of the most complete ones regarding prosperity and it includes the following topics: - How to practically apply the different Laws of Abundance - How to discover hidden scarcity beliefs and eliminate them - How to develop a solid prosperity mindset - How to use positive thinking to become more prosperous - How to set prosperity goals and fulfill them effectively - How to manage your emotions to develop a more abundant life - How to eliminate energy blocks preventing you from having a prosperous life - How to practically use affirmations, visualizations and other tools in an integrative manner o attract more prosperity - How to set positive habits to have a more prosperous life Trainer: Dr. Bruno Roque Cignacco (PhD). I have studied Metaphysics for more than 17 Years. My last books “How to Manifest Money Effortlessly. Techniques to be More Prosperous” (Zero Books. 2013) and “How to Become a Miracle-Worker with your Life. Steps to use the almighty ancient technique of Ho’ oponopono” (Zero Books 2015) have been sold all over the world. I am also the author of the book "Fundamentals of International Marketing". I am a well-known university lecturer in business subjects in the UK and the author of several renowned business books. I am also an international speaker and consultant on International Business topics. I have advised countless companies on international marketing activities. I have also trained thousands of people in several countries. The workshop will have a limited amount of attendees, so early enrollment is advisable. This workshop will start at 9.45 and will finish at 17.45. The attendees will be given full access to one of my ebooks titled "The power of words to become more prosperous" The workshop will be mostly practical with specific application of tools and techniques. Check on Eventbrite on this link




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