Breaking New Ground: Energy Awareness and Wellness Workshops

"Many workshops claim they are transformative. This one really, truly is!" Christine. "Sue's ability to facilitate personal transformation at an energetic level has resulted in quick and profound manifestation in my life. One word embodies my experience during the workshop and thereafter - MIRACLE. Thank you so much Sue for taking on a role and responsibility that many would shy away from." Sue is a homeopath, a healer and a teacher of energy work. She brings extraordinary warmth, compassion and insight to her work in groups, creating and holding a safe space in which people can gently explore, heal and grow. A pivotal life experience awakened and opened her awareness to her own energetic body and it's many subtleties. She developed an acute sensitivity to others and an ability to listen deeply, to read the truth in energy and to actively respond to what's alive in the moment. Since this time Sue has been steeped in Chakra work, in both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions. A key component of her work is the experiential - an invitation to come out of the head and into embodied knowing, self-trust and transformation freeing you of outdated habits and patterns that no longer serve. The path that unfolds is unique for each person, Sue tends them with a synthesis of playful and grounded enquiry. If you are curious and want to explore your energetic terrain, join us on one of the weekends at Violet Hill Studios, near Regents Park in London. Date and Time: On Saturday July 22, 2017 at 10:00 am ends Sunday July 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm Price: Cost: GBP 145 Artists / Speakers: Sue Smith



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