Spiritual Medicine - Multi Dimensional Healing with the Spirit Doctor Team

Join Susan and the Spirit Doctor Team to receive healing on all levels and from all times. Throughout this workshop you will be held by a multidimensional entourage of healers, physicians, and shamans, who once walked the earth plane and now continue their work from spirit side. You will be doing simple breathing exercises and guided movement to open energetic channels to prepare you for the work. While you are in a relaxed and receptive state the Spirit Doctor Team will work to help you: Resolve past life issues impacting you in this lifetime Restore life force energies within your physical, emotional and mental bodies Receive unique insights and guidance to propel you to your next level Fulfil personal requests for healing Feel lighter, less encumbered and more confident The Team utilizes future tools and technologies along with ancient earth wisdoms creating a wide range of healing modalities to assist you. After a session with the Team many are ready to reclaim their sovereignty, well-being, and their multidimensionality. Fifteen years of extensive work with the Spirit Doctor Team has allowed Susan to fully integrate these realms and their wisdom. She will help you with interpretation and communication between the two dimensions.



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