Soul or Spirit Guides

Who is guiding you? Can you tell the difference between your Soul and your Spirit Guides? Today we will focus on understanding and hearing the difference between the two. Sarah will explain the purpose of each and their distinctive voices, along with introducing you to your soul. Often we seek guidance outside of ourselves when the best advice can come from within. Understanding the dynamic between your guides and your soul will help you know who to ask and when. Just as importantly, we will look at how to ask. This workshop will teach you: How to connect with your soul What are spirit guides How to connect to your spirit guides Who to ask and how This workshop is a follow on from Guide, Higher Self or Ego but attendance of that workshop is not essential. Sarah Tyler-Walters is a trance lightworker, spiritual and energy coach, medium, teacher and healer delivering spirit guidance and soul alignment work. Through trance mediumship she works with Master Chou, a wise and compassionate spirit being. Her passion is in the fundamentals: get the foundations right and what you build will be strong.



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