Crystals and the Earth's Higher Vibrational Chakras

Many experts in our field of interest agree that Earth has its own chakra system, although there is no consensus on the location of these chakra points. Using her extensive knowledge and expertise, Judy has evolved her own list of locations for her books Earth Blessings and Crystals and Sacred Sites and has been utilising these chakra points for many years in her earth healing work. Recently Judy has realised that as with the human energy system, she needs to move beyond the traditional seven chakras to encompass the Earth’s higher vibration chakras - access points for the energetic evolution of the Earth and all who live on her. The search has introduced Judy to some amazing sites. In this highly illustrated talk she will be taking us through her locations of the Earth’s seven chakras and into the exciting potential of the higher chakras. We will be looking at and tuning into possible locations for the Earth Star, Gaia Gateway, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras – and of course, their associated crystals. It is possible that we will reach a consensus but one thing Judy is certain of, there are many access points and each person will find the one most attuned to their own energy frequency. Ultimately we are of the Earth and the Earth is us. Judy Hall is an internationally known healer, author and psychic. She has over 40 books to her credit including The Crystal Bible, which has been translated into 15 languages.



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