Rahanni Practitioners Workshops from 11th April to 16th June 2017

Rahanni Practitioners Workshops from 11th April to 16th June 2017
Rahanni Celestial Healing 'The most beautiful 5th dimensional healing energy, filled with love and compassion'. Date: Workshop runs from the From 11th April to 16th June 2017 Venue: West Mersea Essex One day workshops £150. SPACES ARE LIMITED. BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. How can Rahanni help you? This is a wonderful opportunity to become a Rahanni Practitioner and to be taught on a one to one basis at my home in beautiful surroundings near the Mersea Estuary. Rahanni was brought to this earth plane on the 4th August 2002 and was an amazing gift presented by the Ascended masters and higher beings of light to Carol Anne Stacey, now the founder of Rahanni. Carol was my teacher and am delighted to say is now a friend and between us and the other many Rahanni practitioners / Teachers World -Wide, are offering to all people who are searching for that missing link in there life, and the opportunity to be able to bring forward the beautiful healing light to there family, friends And all of humanity, offering them a better quality of life; but don't worry, you haven't got to create a business to be attuned to Rahanni. If you can help just one person, you will make a difference to this world. Rahanni is a heart energy vibrating on a pink ray of light and love, it helps to release all negativity and fear based ways of thinking to that of positive thought, love and compassion. Rahanni can help with mental /emotional issues as well as offering relief with physical pain. As you help others, healing will also take place within yourself. I will also show you how to connect to these beautiful 'beings' of light and how you can make a difference to the lives of many people and animals. Children benefit in so many ways from receiving Rahanni sessions. The cost is £150 this includes the attunement to Rahanni, a full comprehensive manual of 80 pages, a framed certificate and lunch; you are shown distant healing and self healing. Insurance is available if required. I offer on going support at all times. Although this is a one to one workshop, I am happy to accept 2 friends or a couple to attend. Please book early for your special day. Please connect to my website for further information. Tel 01206 384217 Email



VISIT WEBSITE 01206 384217 (Margaret Cooke)

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