mucmara at The 80s Music Festival

mucmara will have a health, healing & wellbeing marquee as part of the fantastic 80s Music Festival. Our marquee will be brimming full of readers, therapies and products. It will also be surrounded by wonderful 80s music and memorabilia... taking you back in time to the world of the 1980s. What's at the event? * Loads of real 80s bands and singers * Many 80s toys, films, fashion, electronics to tantalize your senses * DJs playing lots of 80s music * An 80s karaoke area for you to sing your heart out * Stalls with lots of 80s memorabilia to take you back in time * Other great stalls (which we're keeping as a surprise) * 80s games arcade * Some of your favourite 80s characters * Food and drink outlets * Kids zone * Funfair * Readers, therapies and health, healing & wellbeing products * Entertainment acts throughout the day and night * Chance to dress up in 80s gear * Free parking * Camping if you want it. The Festival is £30 for adults and £5 for children and it offers a buy one get one free on any tickets purchased - and is the only Festival of its kind to do this. An event not to be missed. More information at Twitter: @the80s_fest Facebook: The 80s Music Festival Tickets available to purchase at The 80s Music Festival website.



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