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Awakened Healer Medicine Buddha Initiation Courses

Ireland, Online and Essex, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 2PW, UK



Imagine feeling better, knowing better, understanding better... How would you feel knowing you can make this happen for yourself forevermore?

If you are stressed, run-down, suffering from anxiety, depression or poor health, or simply want to improve your life, this course can help you.

Complete with Abhiṣiṃca Empowerment

Abhiṣiṃca empowerment connects you to the lineage of Enlightened Masters who have passed on this wonderful learning for millennia; opens up your Central Meridian to set the foundation for your spiritual development; allows you to reach a level of proficiency which otherwise could take decades to develop. This holistic practices, given only to Enlightened Masters since time immemorial, is now open to any humble, sincere, independent, aware individual due to the needs of our time.
You will learn:

* Principle and Practice of Holistic Dharma.
* The Extinguish Disaster and Prolong Life Meditation Practice of the Master of Medicine with Lapis Lazuli Radiance.
* Medicine Buddha Spiritual Healing for the Land and All Beings.
* The Healing Purifier of the Three Essentials of Life.
* Yoga Mandala of Life and More.

In this era of global turbulence and personal stress the teachings of many Shamans, Saints, Buddhas - call them what you will - the Awakened Ones of all cultures and denominations are being brought out from the safekeeping of the few and into the path of the many.

​Why? You ask. Because it is time. We need to heal. In following in their footsteps and attuning to their wisdom we are simply choosing to become Healer Extraordinaire. One such teaching is the practice of the Medicine Buddha.

The Medicine Buddha having reached real wisdom, truly saw how separateness is really an illusion. This illusion is much like a painkiller that blocks the signals from one part of our body to another.​

​Many traditions have the teaching ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Why? Because in reality what we do to others we ultimately do to ourselves, and also that what we do in ourselves we also do for others.

​We can choose to spiral down or up. When we choose up, our light is only increased by being shared. In healing yourself, your light grows and can shine for others.

"My health and wellbeing have improved but for me, the emotional and mental clarity that I have gained since I started Medicine Buddha has in many ways rescued me in very stressful situations. I am sure everyone's experiences in meditation are different but for me, Medicine Buddha practice was truly my first experience of being able to 'let go'."

VISIT WEBSITE +353 85 851 8369

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Awakened Healer Medicine Buddha Initiation Courses

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  • 22nd Feb 2020
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VISIT WEBSITE +353 85 851 8369
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