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Sissinghurst, Cranbrook, UK, TN17 2JD

Healing : Intuitive : Life Coach : Online / Global Practitioner : Readers

Divine Soul's ethos is centred around both empowerment and transformation. Working together we create space for you to step into your Divinity. Harnessing the wisdom of your Divine Soul Blueprint held within the Akashic Records we uncover the truest version of yourself.

What if I told you we can align you to your Divinity?

What if I told you that we can tap into your gifts, your Divine Self-Expression and create the life you know you are here to lead?

Soul Realignment® is a beautiful healing modality that can align you to your Divine Self-Expression and so much more.

Every single one of us has an array of gifts that we have been blessed with, tapping into these gifts at soul-level enables us to live within our Divinity and create the life we truly desire.

As a fully qualified Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner and Chakra Healer it is my gift to help you to align your life with who you are at soul-level, to help you discover your Divinity, your gifts, your purpose, and to help you live a soul-lead life.

The Discover Sessions are designed to help you work with spiritual concepts and ground them in a practical way. Working with your Divine Humanness, giving you the tools to step out into your everyday life embodying your divine essence.

It's time to Discover Your Divinity.

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Kristy-lee Masters - As a Soul Realignment® Practitioner it is my gift to help you realign your life with who are at soul-level. It's about helping you discover your gifts and how to live your most soul-filled life. You be given the tools and the knowledge of how to step out into your divinity during your everyday life, it's the small things that create the biggest impact here. We work together on both intention and action to empower and transform.
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