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Surabhi Kalsi

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400070

Business Coaching : Healing : Life Coach : Online / Global Practitioner

I am a teacher trainer/Master Teacher authorised to conduct TEACHER TRAININGS worldwide for the DIANA COOPER SCHOOL OF WHITE LIGHT. I teach the following subjects - Angels, Ascension, Transform Your Life, Unicorns, Dragons, Lemurian Planetary Healing and Nature World. All these trainings are online and delivered worldwide. You may take these trainings for personal growth and development too.

I am a Reiki master. I offer trainings in Crystal Reiki, Rose Reiki and Reiki.

I conduct business coaching for Spiritual Entrepreneurs/Soulpreneurs. Want to bring your innate gifts more powerfully to the world? Create a conscious business out of your calling. I offer a free initial discovery call.

I offer Essential Coach certification. I teach coaching skills, wholistic wellbeing using essential oils. You will also be a part of a thriving worldwide community.

Please get in touch with me and I would be happy to connect and answer any questions. Email - [email protected]
Whatsapp - +91 9920100123


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